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“What a breath of fresh air: well-researched, accurate and presented with clarity and critical insights.” – SW, Brunswick, ME

“You have a unique gift for translating complex science into very readable layman’s terms.” – J.B., Wells, Maine

“So impressed at this thorough analysis and the vivid imagery” – MP, Scarborough, ME

“I just saw your… article and wanted to commend you for such a thorough and insightful job. You included a good, broad variety of the key players and touched on all the issues — a high quality rendering for sure.” – KC, Bar Harbor, ME

“Sea Change provides a unique voice and ‘food for thought’: you have your eye on the critical long-term issues, and great focus on what is most vital for both the nation’s and the planet’s future.” – F.M., Cape Elizabeth, Maine

“I thought your column was one of the best and most concise descriptions of this complex issue. Great job.” – B.P., Freeport, Maine

Your article is well-written, informative, hopeful and challenging.” — P.R., Falmouth, Maine

“Factual, personal, encouraging and actionable. Just what this planet needs.” – A.M., Falmouth, Maine

“Makes me think about my own habits and way of life.” – N.M., Rockland, Maine

“You always inspire me to want to do better personally (and I hope it has the same effect on other readers).” – P.G., Portland, Maine

“This is a remarkable, fresh, beautiful perspective on islands, on life, indeed, on limits.” – J.E., Freeport, Maine

I read your Sea Change column regularly and enjoy your point of view and the clarity with which you express yourself… You have a nice touch with words. Reminds me of how–when your parent wants you to really hear something, she whispers rather than yells.” — C.H., Washington, Maine

“[Your column on grieving big changes along our shores] was the most delightfully written article I have EVER read… It was a joy to read. Kudos.” — A.T., West Gardiner, Maine

“Marina Schauffler has hit another one out of the park. Everything she writes is right on the money.” – K.W., Sanford, Maine