Freelance Journalism

Marina Schauffler is a freelance journalist with decades of experience writing essays, columns, op-eds, in-depth features and profiles.

Her column, Sea Change, runs every other week in the Maine Sunday Telegram. It tackles the challenge of living sustainably, illustrating how everyday citizens can have a positive impact in areas such as climate, energy, food systems, transportation, parenting and health.

Past Sea Change columns, archived on this site, are available for reprint. Contact Marina to discuss potential reprints or syndication.

Other articles and essays appear on this site’s Portfolio page.


Reader Feedback

“I thought your column was one of the best and most concise descriptions of this complex issue. Great job.” – B.P., Freeport, Maine

“Factual, personal, encouraging and actionable. Just what this planet needs.” – A.M., Falmouth, Maine

“Makes me think about my own habits and way of life.” – N.M., Rockland, Maine

“You have a unique gift for translating complex science into very readable layman’s terms.” – J.B., Wells, Maine

Your article is well-written, informative, hopeful and challenging.” — P.R., Falmouth, Maine

“You always inspire me to want to do better personally (and I hope it has the same effect on other readers).” – P.G., Portland, Maine

“This is a remarkable, fresh, beautiful perspective on islands, on life, indeed, on limits.” – J.E., Freeport, Maine

I read your Sea Change column regularly and enjoy your point of view and the clarity with which you express yourself… You have a nice touch with words. Reminds me of how–when your parent wants you to really hear something, she whispers rather than yells.” — C.H., Washington, Maine

“[Your column on grieving big changes along our shores] was the most delightfully written article I have EVER read… It was a joy to read. Kudos.” — A.T., West Gardiner, Maine

“Marina Schauffler has hit another one out of the park. Everything she writes is right on the money.” – K.W., Sanford, Maine